Interactive paper toys and collectibles that come to life through Augmented Reality!

And Playper toys are 100% paper, which means no plastic landfill.

A fun paper craft becomes a tech toy!

AR allows us to expand learning opportunities, and to adapt play to all ages and abilities. We give kids the power to interact with the adventure, and let them change and influence the story they're experiencing!

Fun to make!

  • No glue, tape or scissors required
  • All toys are pre-cut and scored for easy pop-out and assembly
  • Everything you need is in the box

Fun to play!

  • Have fun building the toy, then make it come alive!
  • Fully animated stories, music and games teach kids through play
  • Each experience is unique and adaptable to your child's ability

No clutter, no clean up!

These DIY kits are easy to unfold and store away.

It all goes back in the box!

Our flagship product!

Kung Fu Boogie is an AR-enhanced, paper-toy collectible built around an awesome dance battle game. Collect and build all 10 paper ninjas and battle them in a '70s disco dance-off!

Collect them! Trade them! Battle them!

Kung Fu Boogie

We’ve been in the kid’s content space for two decades now, working for companies like Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, PBS Kids, Scholastic, Walden Media and Leap Frog. We are motivated to create experiences that help young minds see the world in a new way, find skills they didn’t know they had and help them grow into curious adults.

Playper is led by leaders in the kids, technology, and CPG space.

Michael Bruza - CCO, Creator & Co-Founder

An Emmy-Award winning Creative Director, Michael has worked for the biggest kids’ brands in the world and brings a stunning creative vision to Playper.

Susy Christiansen - COO, Co-Founder

Susy has turned her broad production experience in tech, entertainment and education into product successes for small startups and Fortune 500 companies alike.

Webb Knudsen - CEO, Co-Founder

Working in film, mobile, social media, and startups across sales, BD, marketing, and management roles, Webb knows how to execute a go-to-market strategy and drive a profitable team.

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